Not because I want to live there, but just because the standard of Apple support is light years ahead. Got a problem? Go to the nearest Apple Store, or phone them up, and have it sent elsewhere in the country you live in. Got a problem in the UK? Pack it up and send it to Holland, never to be seen again.

Matt has been having dreadful trouble with his new Powerbook. This is not good. Apple UK/Europe have been fairly crap about the whole thing.

Which is why I always feel a little nervous as my PB takes a little longer to wake and sleep, and why the fact it won’t pair with my phone even since I upgraded to 10.2.8 fills me with deep fear of the next upgrade I make.

I bought this computer to make life more pleasant. It shouldn’t leave me on tenterhooks every time it threatens going wrong. The main fear is sending it away. It is my main computer. I have no other Apple. Unlike many people, I can’t carry on as before without it.

Damnit, this sucks.