not. finished. yet.

04 July 2004

But it’s a start, and at least I’m pleased. Even if the type-on-paper motif is possibly a little anachronisitic and foolish on the web.

This is a work in progress. I just don’t have the energy to do this all in one fell swoop. So, for now, just the index is redesigned. The about page is not, the archives page isn’t done, and I haven’t even sorted the monthly and individual archives. Have no fear, I will do; it’s just an ongoing work in progress, a succession of tweaks. I’m also going to rejig the way comments display.

I think.

I had so many things to say this morning; they all disappeared into a flurry of spring cleaning (in July), of the bedroom, of the weblog. I have an article to finish and a book review to write. Subscribe to the RSS feed. It’ll keep you posted better than I possibly can.