08 October 2003

Bah. Panther, that’s OS X.3 (or 10.3 to those of you still using numbers) is out at the end of the month. 10.2.6 is working fine over here for me, so I see no reason for the

Pop quiz, hotshot

07 October 2003

Come on then. I’m looking to move to ADSL (no, not cable, so don’t even recommend it) and want some suggestions for ISPs. All I’ve been suggested so far is Zen. Any more for any more? Leave a comment, or something.


06 October 2003

Back from the frozen north, recharged and happy, with piles of photos, new stories to write, new music to play, new places embedded in my geographic memory. And I return to find that the mighty Bill Bailey has a weblog. Yikes.

I think this is the first concerted period of me being at home for a very long while. I’m mainly going to be around, sorting stuff out – my life, my affairs, and the fact I want broadband here. And so I’ll probably be posting here more again.

You know, I think I say this all the fricking time.