Visual complexity – a visual exploration on mapping complex networks. (Manuel Lima)

MFA Thesis – Blogviz – mapping the dynamics of information diffusion in blogspace. – a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks.

Over 460 projects in it. Vehr good!

Networks are everywhere

Infoviz: data -> information -> knowledge -> wisdom transition understanding

Infovis growing a lot as a field.

“making visible the invisible” “visual simplicity for conceptual complexity” “a comprehensive repository of complex network visualizations”

we’re still learning how to visualize information – it’s not something we’ve found the right answer to yet.

Infoviz aids us to filter information

Things that are popular on infoviz:

Knowledge networks dominate, social networks and WWW high (41% of all projects between them)... Biology is very, very high.

Examples back to 1780 (ghost map?)

05/06 dominate

top 10 popular keywords: music, flash, flickr, tree, time, network,, map, timeline, brain

structural commonality

VC Trends

Visualization methods

Strength of interactivity: