Jyri Engestrom – Microblogging (Tiny social objects on the future of participatory media)


An increasing number of the most popular services are built on user-generated content. Where is this mega-trend going?

Three parts to the talk:

Part 1

Part 2: Guidelines for developing these services.

  1. How quickly can you work out what the social object of this site is?
  2. How quickly can you work out what the verbs are?
  3. Make your objects shareable
  4. Turn invitations to gifts [love it]
  5. Charge the publishers, not the spectators.

Part 3: What do you think will be next for p.media?

  1. Jaiku – makes sociality simpler. Induces beer, etc.
  2. Makes something simpler – do it from more devices (IM, mobile, API)
  3. Jaiku provides context of where they are based on where they are, who they’re with, what they’re planning, what their ring profile is.

“The Mass-Starbucksization of Nearly Everything”

“Social objects to go” – making coffee portable, transportable, disposable.