Humanism 101 – Adam Arivdsson

studi umanistic – Florentine humanism – re-reading greek classic.

Philosophy of humanism -

belief in the capacity of human reason as against divine will and predetermination

Emergent political theory: studi umanistici should educate competent citizens to be able to engage with the res publica

Protestant reformation – individualized relation to a distant God who operated through human reason and industry.

Enlightenment Humanism


sapere aude! the philopshy of a rising, self confident cilization based on a ‘republic of letters’

Modern hunamism

Sartre -

existence comes before essence!

human beings shape themselves through the choices made in condition of absolute freedom.


There is no such thing as human nature.

Foucault – ‘man is a recent invention of recent dates’

Moral anti-humanism

humanism is btu another expression of the christian slave-morality which denies a truer humanism, based on each man’s ability to create his own values. (Nietzsche)

Post-modern anti-humanism

the humanism we know is that of a particular white male bourgeois literary subject

Ecological anti-humanism

Technological post-humanism

Infotech and biotech have altered/will alter the reality of human life to the point that it is no longer feasible to speak of human nautre or humanism.

How do we reconstruct humanism

“all human beings qua human beings have something in common”

Religious humanism

What is human?

(Heidegger’s essay on Van Gogh’s clogs)

Today’s technology

SL as “wooden clogs of today” – the authentic manifestation of humanity

Humanity is not construed of a pre-given essence, but must be understood as a project.


Our humanity is a kind of magic, really. These are very similar to the way we operate networked social forces.

Magical humanism


Matt Jones points out that ubicomp – internet of things – might be a closer idea of what humanity is than, say, Second Life.