Ambient Intimacy – Leisa Reichelt.

What it’s like to be connected with all these social spaces.

Chris Fey picture – on twitter at sxsw

Unlike voice-calls, this kind of messaging is a way of maintaining ongoing background communication with others [T: or other things!]

the quotation is …talking about text messaging, rather than twitter

‘the globe has been turned into a village by electronic media’

people whinging about 140 character limits to their tweets miss the point.

“in linguistics, a phatic expression is one whos only function is to perform a social task”

“it’s not about being poked and prodded, it’s about exposing more surface area for others to connect with” (Johnnie Moore)

This kind of setup is a love/hate thing: it doesn’t necessarily fit into people’s lives.

“I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to just pointless, incessant barking.”

“I love the noise that emanates from social networks”

Kathy Sierra expects it might be false connectedness.

“If we’re not careful, we can trick our brain into thinking it’s making physical connection.”

“ambient intimacy is not a replacement for real-life interaction.”


designers have a responsibility to support ambient intimacy.